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Mail Permits

Mailing at Non-Profit Rates
There are several options in mailing your postcards non-profit. If you have questions after reading the following requirements, just call us. We'll walk you through it.


Option 1
Fill out USPS Form 3624 for Non Profit Standard Mail Rates. Follow the instructions on the form and take to the nearest SCF Post Office. It will take about 3-4 weeks to receive approval. Non-Profit Permits cost about $370. We would suggest making sure that the post office you take the 3624 form to is an SCF in order to receive .078 cents postage rate. If the post office is not an SCF the rates can go up. Call your post office to find out what type of post office they are.

More information on Nonprofit Standard Mail Eligibility


Option 2
1. If you do not have a non-profit status with the post office and are not wanting to pay the $370 permit fee you need to fill out USPS Form 3624, supply documents describing the organization's primary purpose and provide documentation to prove non-profit status (IRS letter of Exemption from Payment of Federal Income Tax (501(c)(3).  Take the paperwork to an SCF Post Office and ask them to FAX the forms to New York for a quick response. It generally takes 2 weeks to receive authorization from the Post Office. Once approved, you will need to follow the instructions in Option 3 for a Ghost Permit number and then we can clear your postcards in Houston, Texas. You will receive the .078 cent postage rate as long as the saturation specifications are met. Your postcards will then be shipped to your SCF Post Office in your area for home distribution. There is no additional charge for this service beyond the normal freight charges.


Option 3
1.  If you are already approved for non-profit and want to use our Ghost Permit, we can clear the postcards in Houston and then forward the postcards to your SCF post office.


2. You will need to fill out USPS Form 3623.


3. Write a letter on your church letterhead saying the following:

To Whom It May Concern:
(Your church name) is requesting authorization to mail at non-profit rates at an additional mailing office at Houston, TX.

Thank you,

(Your Signature and Name)


4. Forward the above two letters to Mustard Seed Studio and we will handle the rest for you. You can mail these to the address at the bottom of this page, or fax to: 281-251-2679.


This process will have your postcards clearing the post office in Houston at SCF rates (if your zips qualify) and then we will deliver to the post office nearest you. There is no additional charge for this service beyond the normal freight charges.  To acquire a Ghost Permit with us takes approximately 2 days.