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The Mustard Seed Difference
  • Full-color front and back.
    Custom designed for your specific message and market.
    Includes vibrant, detailed color map.
    Match your existing brand or build a new one.

A Variety of Uses
  • Invite friends and neighbors to church.
    Target mail for greater results.
    Place in local businesses.

Mustard Seed Mailing Information
  • We can target your area by Zip, geographic radius or quantity.
  • We handle everything down to delivering to the Post Office.
  • Bulk mail per postcard is $.03 in Texas and $.04 outside Texas. Bulk mail cost includes list, tie, sort, postal paperwork and ink jetting addresses on postcards.
  • We provide the lowest possible postage rate at $.067 per postcard.

Other Information
  • Design takes a minimum of one week and printing takes 7 working days (2 week delivery for printing quantities under 10,000). Proofing is done via email. Shipping: F.O.B. Houston, TX.
    Combine Direct Mail cards with other projects and save big!
    Need ideas? Give us the details and be amazed at the result!

Quantity Postcard, Design and Printing Only
500 $562
1000 $613
2500 $720
5000 $880
10000 $1287
15000 $1683
20000 $1845
25000 $2353
30000 $2534
35000 $2713
40000 $2916
50000 $3258

You can see that the quantity affects the price very little. We can talk more specifically about what area you want to target and whether it's feasible to print 3-4 at one time. Call us and we'll work with you to figure out what your options are. We can explore quantities, number of mailings, etc., so you can make an educated decision.

Extra Postcards Printed

Many churches order extra postcards to hand out at church, neighborhoods and to friends. It is usually only a minimum charge to order an extra 100-1000 postcards. Ask for a quote on the additional cards.


Bulk Mailing List, Labeling, Sorting and Ink Jetting Addresses on Postcards

We charge .04 for each postcard outside of Texas and .03 within Texas, to furnish the mailing list, label and sort for the lowest possible postage rate.


Postage Rates

We ship directly to the Post Office in your area. All you have to do is have postage money in your account. Your postage rates will be as low as 6.7 cents each, mailed at Non-Profit rates, and as high as 10.8 cents each. The 6.7 cents rate is given at an SCF post office. To receive this rate you must send to 90% of a carrier route which means that you send to both homes and apartments. A carrier route is what one postman walks in one day. There are several carrier routes within one zip code. Radius' tend to be at a higher postage rate of 10.8 cents.

A Sectional Center Facility (SCF) is a ASC for a designated geographical area defined by one or more three-digit ZIP code prefixes.

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